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All About The Party Drug Called Wizard: What It Does And The Dangers It Poses

By Ness Dr | December 04, 2014 09:08 PM EST


Several patients were recently treated in West Australia hospitals due to the lethal effects of a new pill known as Wizard party drug. Health agencies and the police are becoming more cautious about the spread of the new drug, where patients can suffer a variety of symptoms and even die.

Below are some of the dangers and effects posed by Wizard.

1. What it is?

Wizard is a drug that may refer to synthetic cannabis or illegal drugs that cause hallucinogenic effects. These drugs are also known as NBOMe or 25i, which can come in various forms like pills, clear liquid, white powder or blotter tabs. The drug is said to mimic the effects of LSDs and ecstasy, but with more potent results. According to experts, NBOMe's are toxic even in small doses and hard to deliver in accurate doses.

2. The symptoms

WA hospitals have been treating Wizard party drug victims suffering from symptoms like seizures, extreme aggression, nausea, organ damage, neurological damage, increased heart rate, severe agitation, coma, brain damage and psychotic episodes. In a report by, one victim died after slamming himself repeated against power poles and trees. Patients are said to believe that they are invincible or felt very euphoric upon taking the drug. Overdose can lead to death.

3. Where people acquire these?

The wizard party drug was banned in WA because of its dangerous effects but criminal gangs readily sell these to any willing buyer. Some users purchase the drug from other countries like Canada.

A report by Yahoo! News revealed that the Australian police were able to seize over 10,000 tabs of Wizard party drug, valued at around $250,000, from a 21-year-old man who reportedly purchased these online from Canada. He was charged with drug trafficking. Because of the involvement of organized crime groups, people are at risk for breaking the law or being acquainted with dangerous individuals.

4. Doctors' caution

Several doctors around the world warn current and potential users to stay away from Wizard party drug. The reported deaths and extreme conditions of previous users should serve as a warning to people not to take unknown or illegal drugs. People should not consume anything that can be harmful to their body.

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