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Lee Hyori attacked by netizen for her comment on South Korean comfort women.

By Yu Junki | December 15, 2011 07:21 AM EST


On December 14, Lee Hyori tweeted this message "You say you're a Korean..." with the comments one netizen had sent to her [regarding Lee's recent statements on the vindication of South Korean comfort women]. 

The netizen had written, "Who do you think you [Lee] are trying by trying to defend these [comfort] women? The issue of what has been done to these women are beyond your level. Stop trying to use the women to increase your popularity. I hate it when ignorant children like you get into other people's business, pretending to know a thing or two, and to care. If you really want to help, go read a book or volunteer, and start thinking productively on the issue."

He went on to make this close-minded remark: "It's really common sense. If you think about it, Korea was defenseless at the time [of the comfort women] to Japan. Korea was weak back then, and I don't know why you want to whine about it now. If you are that angry about it, then you should raise up Korea's power and demolish Japan." 

The netizen's charged remarks had been made in response to Lee Hyori's statement on December 13.

Lee Hyori had posted the evening of December 13, "Tomorrow the 1000th demonstration for the South Korean comfort women will be held. I saw this poem somewhere and wanted to share. This is a poem that really touched my heart. I hope that we can remember these women tonight" and the lines of the poem "To Be Born Again a Flower." 

The comfort women were women the Japanese took and forced to be their sex slaves during the Japanese Inquisition from 1930 to 1945.

On December 14, the 1000th demonstration on this issue was held, but the Japanese government still has not apologized for its actions.


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