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"Things That Will Happen Once Psy Takes The Number 1 Spot in Billboard"

By Staff Writer | September 28, 2012 09:17 AM EDT


The pop music industry of the world is in amazement beyond shock, as Psy (Jaesang Park) is pulling up his Billboard ranking in a scary rate. The Korean pop music industry is praising such phenomenon by saying things like, "What could not have been imagined became true," "New record in the history of Korean pop music," and "The biggest music achievement since the foundation of the country."

Billboard's method of calculating its ranking also is bringing much focus to itself, as Psy was able to pull up his rank so rapidly every week.

Billboard, being one of the keywords to define American pop culture, started to give ranking since 1940, and starting 1958, it has been announcing the "Hot 100" list of today.

Billboard ranking is calculated based upon 3 factors - singles sales volume, digital download number, broadcast numbers from around 1,000 stations. But it is not officially known how these factors are combined.

But the experts are pointing out the reason that Psy was able to climb up to the number 2 spot of the Billboard Hot 100 list in just 3 weeks to the fact that people's preference in listening to music has changed from CD to mp3.

Ultimately, the reason that Psy was able to climb up the charts so quickly without any singles sales numbers in America is that his mp3 sales through iTunes and such has been increasing continuously.

The situation of Psy taking the number 1 spot in next week's Hot 100 list has already been confirmed through data.

The current number 1 song in the Billboard chart, Maroon 5's "One More Night," is showing a lukewarm rate of increase in digital downloads (7%), radio and broadcast (21%), and streaming service (10%). On the contrary, Psy's Gangnam Style is showing a rapid increase of 60%, 79%, and 105% in the respective categories.

Taking the top spot in the British chart, which leads the market with the American chart, is also to be seen in the near future. UK chart, which is the album sales chart in Britain, has also confirmed that Psy will take the number 1 spot on the ranking that is to be published on the 29th by publishing an article titled, "Is Gangnam Style going to conquer the UK chart?" Gangnam Style was ranked at number 3 in the last week's UK Singles Chart.

Experts are being positive about the worries of Psy being a "one hit wonder." Furthermore, Psy's taking the number 1 spot in Billboard will be an ignition to a new K-Pop legend, as it makes a huge footprint in music history.

People's expectations of Psy's massive cultural effect are also on the rise, beyond what can be calculated in financial values.

Jinmo Lim, a pop music commentator, said, "This is one of the few chances that our generation can face, just the fact that a Korean singer is on top of the world's music industry," and, "I believe he can hold up the number one spot in Billboard for at least 3-4 weeks."

Lim also said, "It is similar to Macarena, as it came from Spain but was met well with American marketing," and, "the fact that a non-English song is being chosen in the American market makes its possibility in success in the world market so much greater, so its future possibility is not fathomable by anyone."

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