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'The 3rd Hospital' Kim Min Jung, Kim Seung Woo, And Oh Ji Ho Start Their Love Triangle

September 28, 2012 09:22 PM EDT

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Kim Seung Woo, Oh Ji Ho and Kim Min Jung are starting to form a love triangle that's central to the story for the tvN drama 'The 3rd Hospital'  

The two male characters Kim Doo Hyun (Kim Seung Woo) and Kim Doo Hyun (Oh Ji Ho), are brothers who are very different and they are both making their way into the heart of Jin Hye In (Kim Min Jung). 

Hye In goes to Seung Hyun, to thank him for treating her sprained ankle with acupuncture and brings him snacks. Secretly touched, he said, "hey, will this be enough? The fees for treatment, emergency fee.. but you don't have money, right? I guess we're even."

Doo Hyun had also bought her snacks because she was staying late to study, but he spotted her going into Seung Hyun's room. Then, once she came back to the practice room, Doo Hyun said, "don't test my patience. You don't catch on signs. You stupid girl."

Then Hye In says, "you left your snacks!" but he doesn't turn around and says that he threw it out. 

Viewers are responding to the additional romantic vibe that is being introduced amongst the three characters, as they start acting on their feelings. 

Netizens are responding to the drama by saying, "is the romance finally beginning?" "Doo Hyun is a bad boy!" "Oh Ji Ho's character is so charming!"

In the same episode, Hye In's father collapses from a brain hemorrhage, and Doo Hyun and Seung Hyun fight over who will treat her father.

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