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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Gets Parody From SNL [VIDEO]

By Ness Dr | December 09, 2014 10:49 PM EST


Saturday Night Live on December 6 featured one of its best episodes of the year by coming up with a SNL "Star Wars" teaser trailer that lasted two and a half minutes.

In the video featured on Entertainment Weekly, a caption started the SNL "Star Wars" parody stating, "There is an alliance of heroes..." The narrator continued, "The new... and the old..." The original theme song began to play in the background, boding of exciting things to come in the upcoming film.

An aging Han Solo was first featured in SNL "Star Wars" parody, sitting in a quiet room. He declared with an old trembling voice, "I'm Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon."

After he was asked where Luke Skywalker was, it was obvious his hearing was not as good as it used to be. He responded after a long pause, "What?"

Next, reported that Grandma Leia seemed to have trouble programming R2D2's clock. She tried asking for help by calling out, "Hey hon! How do you work this freaking thing?"

Also, an old Luke Skywalker was featured with a walker made of lightsabers.

Chewbacca was also featured with an Elizabeth collar with Han Solo, who had trouble trying to turn off the Millennium Falcon's blinker. They could now enjoy the elderly parking spaces after finishing the Kessel Run. The soccer ball droid was again featured roaming the corridors to the surprise of Luke and Leia.

Finally, Luke channeled the force to properly arrange his maintenance pills into their respective pillbox spaces. He said, "I have thyroid issue, like my father before me."

The theme score continued to play in the background as the Millennium Falcon hovers quickly over the desert sands. All the characters in the famous franchise were now senile in the SNL parody, to the delight of fans.

The movie title "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" finally appeared to conclude the clip. In addition, a small and very old creature in his wheelchair was featured navigating among the boots of "Star Wars" characters, followed by the caption "December 2015".

SNL "Star Wars" was a practical view of how the characters have aged three decades after Return of the Jedi was first shown in theatres.

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