Block B's U-Kwon Chooses Big Bang's Taeyang As His Role Model In Star1 Interview

Block B were their naturally wacky selves in a playful pictorial for the December issue of @Star1 magazine. In the photoshoot, P.O. played with a Darth Vader mask, Zico posed awkwardly in an over-sized cardigan, Taeil read a magazine upside down and Jaehyo used a flag as a cape. The members wore overalls, bold print jackets, and an endless stream of lofty hats.

During the interview portion of the photoshoot, the group discussed their Japanese debut, saesang fans, and their comedic "beagle-like" image. As their last question, the members were told to choose a singer or role model that inspired them.

P.O. chose trombone player Trombone Shorty. He explained, "He's a person who can show a lot of things even just within one song. It seems like in our country there aren't many people who can even sing while playing the trombone and show so many things so perfectly. I want to become a musician who can sing and play an instrument even if it isn't the trombone."

U-Kwon revealed his inner fan boy and chose Big Bang's Taeyang. He explained, "From debut until now I've been his fan. Since seeing his constantly growing and developing appearance, it seems really impressive. I want to try making music that coolly incorporates elements of R&B like Taeyang sunbaenim does."

It certainty would be interesting to see Block B singing a smooth, romantic R&B ballad.

Block B recently ranked #1 at Tower Records for online pre-orders of their Japanese single "Very Good."


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