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"Gangnam Style" Interview with Billboard

By Staff Writer | October 02, 2012 05:37 PM EDT


A video was recently posted on the Billboard website revealing an interview with Psy.

In the video, Psy was asked a series of questions about his recent fame and what he hopes for the near future.

When asked about his thoughts of being the 'most liked' video in the history of Youtube, Psy replied, "It's so crazy to think that I made a Guiness record with my video."

When asked about his thoughts on all his TV and award appearances, he commented, "Everything went by too fast i can't remember what happened."

Psy also went on to talk about his manager, Scooter Braun. He described Braun as a very 'creative' manager who made most of his dreams a reality.

When asked about any Justin Bieber collaborations, Psy commented, "I haven't met him yet because he is on tour at the moment, but I did have a phone conversation with him. He told me that he is good at dancing my 'horse-riding' dance."

Psy hopes to produce his own concert in the U.S. and show America how crazy and out there his concert performances are.

Psy has recently become a global sensation with his song, "Gangnam Style." He has ranked number 1 on iTunes in 30 countries and has ranked number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Main Single Chart 'HOT 100'.

He has appeared on many shows such as the "Ellen Show" and "SNL" and featured on news programs such as NBC and CNN.

His music video has been the most viewed on Youtube as well with over 300 million views.

He has also recently signed a contract with Justin Bieber's agency and plans to release his first U.S. single sometime in November.

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