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'The 3rd Hospital' Will It Become Korea's 'Grey's Anatomy'?

By Staff Writer | October 03, 2012 01:51 AM EDT


tvN drama "The 3rd Hospital" is being called Korea's 'Grey's Anatomy,' as the romance between Kim Seung Woo, Oh Ji Ho and Kim Min Jung takes flight.

'Grey's Anatomy' is a very popular American drama that began in 2005 and is currently in its 9th season. There are many reasons for its popularity, one of them being set in a hospital and the many romances that occur between the very unique and distinguishable characters. Rather than rattle off medical knowledge and delve into surgery scenes, they are more about the themes of family and love, as the doctors struggle to find their footing in those realms.

"The 3rd Hospital" was also talked about even before its release for being the first medical drama to deal with both Eastern and Western medicine. As expected, the drama showed very detailed scenes of surgery and featured Kim Seung Woo, who plays a genius neurosurgeon. His brother is played by Oh Ji Ho, who plays a gifted eastern medicine doctor.

The two of them will fight it out for their spot in the hospital. Both of them will end up falling for 2nd year resident Kim Min Jung. There is Girls' Generation Sooyoung also, who is in love with Oh Ji Ho. There are many other characters within the hospital who have their own storylines going. 

Viewers are responding positively, saying, "It's fun to watch as the romance gets more intense!" "It's starting to feel like 'Grey's'!" "Doctors are people too! Very realistic." "Kim Doo Hyun seems like Meredith in 'Grey's'!"

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