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Psy's Biased Fans in Korea 'Is This Really the Right Time?"

By Staff Writer | October 03, 2012 10:13 AM EDT


Psy, the K-Pop singer who became an international star overnight, is receiving a lot of comments regarding his recent appearances at university festivals around Korea.

Everything began on the evening of September 30 when a debate topic regarding Psy was posted on Daum's debate forum called Agora. To go into specifics, an member using the nickname "Beck" posted the question, "Is this a time for Psy to be called around to perform at university festivals right now?"

One person responded, "The whole world is going crazy trying to get a piece of Psy but as soon as he comes back to Korea, he is running around the country to perform at university festivals" and expressed his inability to understand the logic behind Psy's university appearances.

The same person continued, "The popularity of 'Gangnam Style' is not his personal honor. Psy should get back to the United States and England to make hot issues, not go around performing in front of university students. It's like Park Ji Sung (Korean national soccer team's captain and former Manchester united player from 2005 to 2012) playing street soccer in his neighborhood when he has the Champions League coming up."

Also, "Psy requested the universities' staff members to find a substitute for the festivals that have been scheduled prior to his international stardom but they all refused. The party has already begun but the guests from around the globe are hesitant because the host of the party is nowhere to be seen."

Psy was scheduled for the university festivals prior to the explosive response "Gangnam Style" received from around the world. After two weeks in the United States, Psy returned to Korea on September 25 and has performed at 8 different university festivals so far. Even with his exhausting schedule that is putting his body into overdrive, Psy already began working on his upcoming song and will return to the United States on the 15th of this month.

The same Agora user previously mentioned also stated, "The viral popularity of Psy will make Korea a more attractive country to the world. The universities shouldn't be using their students' tuition money to invite this celebrity to perform at their festivals. Instead, they should let Psy go so that he can truly be an international star."

This user was the first to decorate the page for this topic. Within just two days, there were over 50,000 comments that were posted in response to the user that spoke ill of the university staff.

Another Agora user responded, "I'm not trying to undermine Psy's accomplishments but this is something that Psy should be congratulated, not Korea."

He continued, "It's so tacky that we're all getting so prideful just because Psy is being accepted and respected in the west. Psy is a true star for handling the whole situation in such a calm and relaxed manner."

Also, "It would be worse if Psy actually cancelled all this previous plans in Korea to begin touring in the United States. A song is a song. Let's be satisfied that Psy succeeded and the widened recognition of K-Pop."

Psy's "Gangnam Style" was recently ranked no.1 on UK Music Chart and no.2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. 

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