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'Music Bank' Highlights: Apink Wins #1 On The December 12, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

By James B | December 13, 2014 04:45 PM EST


Friday is here; which means another episode of 'Music Bank.' The music show featured performances from some of your favorite K-pop idols. Great stage settings, outfits, and fan chants were all seen and heard yesterday.

The stars who made their comeback were Wassup with "Shut Up U," Kiss&Cry's Dia went solo and made her debut with "Paradise," Son Seung Yeon made her comeback with "The First Snow is Falling." Male group BTOB entertained the audience with a special performance of "You Can Cry."

Your nominees were INFINITE F and Apink as they battled for the first place trophy. The winner was Apink for their single titled, "LUV." Congratulations!

This being all said, here are the recaps from the best performances from the December 12th episode.

Best Performances Recap


Kiss&Cry's Dia went solo and made her debut on the December 12th episode of 'Music Bank.' Dia is in "Paradise"; which is the title of her solo single.

Dia has a great voice; which viewers cannot wait to see more of her sing live.

What is your opinion regarding Dia's debut yesterday?


Apink sang their hit single as they are receiving lots of "LUV." Hayoung changed her hair color to black; which looks nice. Congratulations to Apink as they won their sixth first place trophy. Do you think they will do an all-kill again this week?


AOA sang their hit single as they moved swiftly "Like A Cat" on stage yesterday. The angels single ranks number six for this week.

AOA once again has another hit single; which the members are doing a great job on entertaining the audience each week.


INFINITE F sang their nice single and refreshing single tiled, "Heartthrob" yesterday. INFINITE F consist of members Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong; which they did a great job of entertaining the audience.

INFINITE F were nominated yesterday. Do you think the unit will win a trophy this week?


Female group MAMAMOO are keeping it fresh and new as they sang their single titled, "Piano Man." MAMAMOO included AOA's cat concept into their performance as they meow at the beginning of their performance.

MAMAMOO's single ranks number twenty-five this week. The ladies know how to entertain the audience. The girls wore glittery blue outfits for their performance yesterday.


Super Junior member Kyuhyun is going to be saying why as he will be singing his second ballad single titled, "At Close" this week.

Kyuhyun does a great job of expressing the emotion of this song with his soft vocal voice. "At Close" tells the message about a guy wondering why the woman left him. This single is a sad ballad one.

What is your opinion regarding his second single?

Hyolyn & Joo Young

Hyolyn and Joo Young sang their great duet single titled, "Erase" yesterday. Their song ranks number nine for this week.

Hyolyn's tattoo was visible a little yesterday. She looked like a beautiful goddess; while Joo Young is the handsome prince as they show how great their chemistry on stage is.


BTOB who consist of members Seo Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Lee Changsub, Lim Hyunsik, Shin Peniel, Jung Ilhoon, and Yook Sungjae did a Christmas performance special as they sang their single titled, "You Can Cry." The single ranks number thirty-six on the 'Music Bank' chart.

BTOB are ready for Christmas; which they smiled a lot at the camera yesterday. BTOB wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Cross Gene

Cross Gene said, "I'm Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man" as they entertained the audience once again. One viewer named Medali Huaman commented, "I really love this song <3."

Cross Gene currently consist of members Takuya, Shin, Casper, Seyoung, Sangmin, and Yongseok.


Shannon had another flawless performance as she sang her single titled, "Daybreak Rain" on the music show yesterday. Shannon is starting easy as she sings with her great voice.

Shannon's single ranks number twenty-one this week.

Lim Chang Jung

Lim Chang Jung entertained the audience as he sang his new single titled, "Shall We Dance With Dr. Lim." Lim included MAMAMOO's "Piano Man" into his choreography yesterday. Lim Chang Jung's single ranks number thirty-three for this week.

Eunji is featured on stage with Lim Chang Jung each week.

Other Performances


Son Seung Yeon



Boys Republic


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