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Singapore Makes Way for Kpop Rising Stars Kim So Jung and Girl Group Girlfriend

By Staff Reporter | October 04, 2012 01:24 PM EDT


Singapore is the new spot for rising Kpop stars.  Recently, through Kpopgaga, Kim So Jung, finalist for the Superstar K 2 talent reality show in Korea, showed fans and new audiences alike what she's got.  At an open event in Cathay Cine Leisure Orchard in Singapore, Kim So Jung treated the audience to a sampling of her current repertoire.  Prior to Kim So Jung's showcase, another Korean rookie girl group about to amaze the Kpop music scene, Girlfriend, was the opening act. 

Girlfriend is composed of 4 members and are currently promoting as a electro-pop girl group.  Their performance of "Fiesta" during the concert was a wonderful opener as it set excitement for those who were watching at the shopping centre. Girlfriend's members are Jaein (leader), Haei (vocals), Mizi (visuals), and Yoa (maknae).  In their short performance of "Fiesta", the audience saw a group who specializes in upbeat and trendy dance moves.  Their charisma is in their overall bubbly and friendly personalities. 

After Girlfriend's performance, Kim So Jung took the stage with a mesmerizing performance of "Blap" - also a dance song, where she showed not only her vocal talent but also her grooves.  As the audience bobbed their head to "Blap", it is made apparent that Kim So Jung has all it takes to be a successful pop star.  

Shortly thereafter, fans were given the chance to ask questions to Kim So Jung, in order to get to know the up-and-comer more.  Here were excerpts from the fan Q&A session with Kim So Jung:

Q: Is it your first time in Singapore? 
A: No. (showed 3 fingers) and said third time.

Q: Tell me how you feel about Singapore and all your fans over here today in Singapore?
A: Singapore is a very friendly country. I wish to come here. I feel good to come here. This is a special preview to meet my fans. I feel enthusiastic.

Q: What made you participate in Superstar K2?
A: When there is an audition, many people suggested that I participate in Superstar K2. I have some worries I may fail but I decided to do it since this is the beginning of all the auditions coming in the future.

Q: You have a new album 'Blap'. Tell me about the concept and everything on the new album.
A: 'Blap' is an exciting dance music making you feel good when you get sad. The music expresses the jealousy of a girlfriend in a cute way. So this aegyo/cuteness is in several parts of the music. The lyrics and the body movement express the girlfriend's charm.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: For a certain period she has in plan to show exciting stages through "Blap". She is also thinking of doing a stage in Singapore where she can show her talents to real music (perhaps a bigger concert).

Kim So Jung then performed the track that catapulted her to a visible spot in the very competitive Korean music industry.  Soulfully, Kim So Jung sang "You've Come" which was an OST track from tVN's hit drama from Spring 2012, "Queen In Hyun's Man" 

Both Kim So Jung and Girlfriend capped the event with an autograph, meet-and-greet session with the fans.  Through this they were able to interact personally with the fans and showed their adorable personalities.  The girls were all warm as they indulged fans with photos, personalized autographs, and bright smiles. It was certainly an impression, whether it be the first or not, that is sure to make an indelible mark in the hearts of those in the audience that they all won over with their lovely personalities and musical talents.

Watch KpopStarz iReport Exclusive Footage of Kim So Jung and Girlfriend Showcase Performance

Written by: Dorothy Advincula | Photo Credits: Ong Melin | Special Acknowledgements: KPOPGAGA Singapore

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