J.Tune Camp Issues Statement That MBLAQ Will Continue With Three Members

On December 16, J.Tune issued an official statement through a press release, addressing the departure of Lee Joon (Lee Chang Sun) and Thunder (Park Sang Hyun).

In the official statement translated by Enews, J.Tune issues an apology to fans over conflicting news regarding the departure of Lee Joon and Thunder. The statement begins with, “Hello, this is J.Tune Camp. First off, we want to apologize for causing confusion and worries to all the fans due to the sudden announcement.”

J.Tune then addressed the reasons behind the departure of Lee Joon and Thunder or Cheon Dung in Korean. “The company has gone through the process of discussion regarding Lee Joon and Cheon Dung′s contracts, and after long discussions between the company and the members, we decided to go our separate ways," the company explained through the statement. "The two members expressed they personally would like to focus on being an actor and musician, and we sincerely hope that they will be able to fulfill their dreams in a good environment.”

J.Tune concluded the statement with good news for MBLAQ fans. The agency confirmed the continuation of the group as three members by stating, “Regardless of the two members ending team activities, MBLAQ will continue on. Early next year, the three members plan on releasing an album, as well as other solo albums and individual activities.”

Seungho, the leader of the group, will remain along with G.O and Mir.

Lee Joon and Thunder are departing from MBLAQ with the assistance of the law firm, Hae Sol.

Thunder served as a rapper within the group, while Lee Joon was one of the vocalists.

Lee Joon and Thunder released a statement regarding their departure through representatives at Hae Sol, prior to the official statement from J.Tune. This statement was also issued to a press release. It served as confirmation of previous speculation that Lee Joon and Thunder had departed from the group, following the curtain call concert.

Lee Joon is currently acting in the Korean drama “Mr. Baek” while Thunder has expressed interest in pursuing a musical career beyond the group. Thunder is a notable figure in K-pop beyond his personal career, as he is the brother of 2NE1’s Sandara (Dara) Park.

There has been speculation among fans since rumors of MBLAQ's split beganearlier this year that Thunder may be seeking representation from YG Entertainment.

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