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Kim So Jung, Superstar K2 Finalist in First Showcase in Singapore: "Dreams Come True"

By Staff Reporter | October 07, 2012 02:46 AM EDT


On September 22nd,  after a candid showcase with fans and the general audience, KpopStarz got the opportunity to be hosted by KPOPGAGA for  inner with Kim So Jung and  other media at the Oasia Hotel Singapore's rooftop lounge.  In this intimate and picture-perfect setting, other facets to Kim So Jung's personality were revealed. 

Here, the finalist of Superstar K2 shared her thoughts with the media.  She acknowledged that there was indeed a marked departure in style with her new single "Blap" compared to other music styles she was known for via the talent show.  She shared that she is "looking forward to different styles and genres of songs."  An honest wish from a rising star, for the world to see her for all that she could offer.  In the press conference she confirms this wish multiple times saying "In Superstar K2, I showed more cheerful songs than sad and moody songs. I actually like sad, moody songs as well as rock. I will try more genres of songs in my future albums, please look forward to it."  

She also still acknowledges her very fresh and recent success, when asked to describe herself in three words, she joyfully and gratefully said "Dreams Come True" and that even with her dreams coming true already, she still wants fans to remember her as "a hardworking singer".  Her dreams also do not stop at being a singer, when given the chance Kim So Jung says that she would "like to try an acting role that suits my style".  
As a piece of trivia Kim So Jung is one of the few in the industry who did not follow the trainee-debut system.  And due to this she was able to graduate from a prestigious institution.  When asked about these experiences she shared, "I have always wanted to be a singer since I was young. Since I was studying and had to go to school, I could not go after my dreams like everybody else, so I joined SuperStar K." She even mused about her parents' initial resistance to her chosen path:  "Last time, my parents did not really support me becoming a singer. After I was successful in the Superstar K auditions, my parents saw how I got better, and then they (finally) gave me a lot of support."

Then, now as senior to newer aspirants in the Superstar K franchise, Kim So Jung had this piece of advice "Although you might be nervous during the auditions, you should just give it your best and enjoy yourself, this way the audience can enjoy your performance."
These answers reflect the sweet, bubbly and friendly image that Kim So Jung has.  It definitely is an image that will be difficult for her to change, as this is her real and natural self. If anything,  rising star Kim So Jung is proof that success happens with just being yourself.  

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