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Ex-Nine Muses Member Ryu Sera Releases Independent 'Hear Us' Music Video

By Elsa B. | December 19, 2014 09:13 AM EST


Former Nine Muses member Ryu Sera has released her first official music video since her departure from the idol girl group in June.

Sera's first independent release is called "Hear Us" and was released through her official YouTube channel. In the raw and simple music video, Sera plays the piano slowly and sings live into a microphone. She's dressed in somber, black winter attire and resides in a music room filled with old pianos. An overhead light illuminates her from above dramatically.

The song is about feeling overwhelmed with loneliness and coping with imperfections. The sad ballad is especially eery and dark when Sera whispers sweetly, "Hear us, hear us, hear us. Wanna hear you say that we are beautiful."

Sera introduced the track to her fans by writing under the description, "Hope you enjoy this piece of love and effort."

Fans are responding very positively to the composition. Under the video, fan Lucas Perroni wrote, "Your voice is like medicine. It makes me feel better every time I listen to it."

Check out the emotional performance below!

Although Sera has released other original productions through her channel, this is the first time she has labeled one as an official music video. The musician has released a stream of covers and unique songs for the past few months, showing her musical diversity and talent. She displayed an entirely new side with her original song "Hey Girl." The slow-tempo track is spunky and has a sexy and husky vocal delivery. In the music video, Sera plays her guitar at the beach, letting the wind rustle her hair. You can check out that video below as well!



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