"Gangnam Style" Psy Ranks Number 1 on China Chart!

Psy has taken over the charts in the U.S. and Europe and now China. 

Today, it was reported that Psy's "Gangnam Style" had reached number 1 on China's Baidu Chart TOP 500. This chart is based on the song's number of searches and downloads. Psy took the number 1 spot, beating many Chinese artists as well as foreign artists.

Psy is also the first Korean artist to rank number 1 on the China Baidu Chart TOP 500. 

Psy also ranked number 2 on the Baidu New Song TOP 100 Chart and number 9 on the real-time Search Singer TOP 200 chart.

Although Psy did not do any special promotions in China after the release of "Gangnam Style," many parodies were seen online and gained much attention.

Psy's fame had been expanding out to the U.S. and Europe and not it seems to be expanding back into different parts of Asia.

Psy has recently become a global sensation with his song, "Gangnam Style." He has ranked number 1 on iTunes in 30 countries and has ranked number 2 on the U.S. Billboard main single chart HOT 100.

He has also reached 400 million views on YouTube with his music video for "Gangnam Style."

He has appeared on many shows such as the "Ellen Show" and "SNL" and featured on news programs such as NBC and CNN.

He has also recently signed a contract with Justin Bieber's agency and plans to release his first U.S. single sometime in November.

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