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Review: Clara Channels J-Pop Star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu In 'Gyiwomi Song 2' [VIDEO]

By Staff Writer | December 25, 2014 08:46 PM EST


Known for her acting, Clara released her first song "Gwiyomi Song 2" on December 22, and the music video is a playful mess.

"Gwiyomi Song 2" seems more suitable for summer than for winter, with its bright colors and funky sound, but its just the thing to warm up the end of the year. Featuring a cameo by Stan Lee and a lot of colorful outfits, "Gwiyomi Song 2" is a feast for the eyes, but a bit less so on the ears. It's an entertaining debut song that evokes the style of Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, with fantastical outfits and hairstyles and the over-the-top attempts at cuteness.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is one of Japan's most popular singers internationally, with her big eyes, bright colors, and a creepy, yet cute, style that is borderline macabre. Clara takes the colorful craziness that Kyary has popularized, wearing colorful, clown-like outfits (with similar motifs as those that Kyary uses) and matches them with bright, multi-hued wigs. Even while YouTube comments peg Kyary as inspiration for the song, "Gwiyomi Song 2" comes off less eerie and generally more fun.

"Gwiyomi Song 2" is literally an updated version of the original "Gwiyomi Song" that took South Korea by storm in 2013. The hand gestures associated with the song are kept in, and other additions to the song, like several "yeah!" and "ooh!" moments.

Clara doesn't seem to be taking herself too seriously the entire time, and it comes off seeming like her attempt at shaking off the sex-symbol status that she's obtained. Even though her outfits, over-the-top high pitched voice, and child-like actions are meant to make Clara come off as adorable rather than sexy, her skintight clothing and expressiveness still lets Clara's beauty show. Even so, the actress Clara and the singer Clara are two different personas entirely.

The vocals of the song are a bit grating, to be honest, and it's hard to tell Clara's actual skill when it comes to singing. It seems to be the right move in Korea, where actors turning to singing and singers turning to acting are often criticized. Rather than try to assert her vocal prowess, Clara sings to be seen. This song is meant to be both a visual and audio experience; the song cannot be seperated from the video for the basic fact that "Gwiyomi Song 2" is almost entirely based on visual hand motions.

There is an added bonus of Stan Lee appearing and doing the Gwiyomi hand motions, which is just as random as the rest of the song. But even though the song is all over the place, the levity of it all makes it an enjoyable debut to watch.

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