Psy Offered $3 Mil Endorsement Deal from Jinro Chamisul Soju

After his "One Shot of Soju" performance at his concert at the Seoul City Hall Square, Jinro offered Psy a soju endorsement deal.

According to sources, Psy has been chosen to become an endorsement model for Jinro's Chamisul Soju. Psy stated that he will make a decision before he leaves for the United States on October 15.

It has been reported that Psy's one-year contract with Jinro will be worth approximately $3 million USD. After his success with "Gangnam Style," Psy's endorsement deals went from $100,000~$200,000 to $500,000 USD. Psy's contract with Jinro is 10 times the original value.

Psy is currently an endorsement model for a Kimchi Fridge as well as Nongshim Ramyun.

Sources revealed that OB Beer representatives are in regret after deciding to not extend their contract with Psy. Psy's endorsement deal with OB Beer ended last November, months before his viral movement with "Gangnam Style" this summer.

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