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【Photo Shoot & Exclusive Interview】 BTOB Japan Debut(3)Members Explain One Another’s Voices – “Seductive Singing Voice That Captivates Women’s Hearts”!

By Staff Reporter | December 29, 2014 05:41 PM EST


◆By the way, everyone, do you like your “voice”? Please introduce each member’s voice, what style as a rapper, and the characteristics of voice and rap – from other members.

Min Hyuk:Oh~ it sounds interesting!

◆Then, members, please teach us about Min Hyuk’s voice and style.
Il Hoon:Masculine. Vocal style is soft, but when it comes to RAP, he is super masculine!
Eun Kwang:His voice tickles women’s hearts! (Laughter)
Sung Jae:Ticklish!(Laughter)
Eun Kwang:When he sings, his voice becomes seductive! (Laughter)
Chang Sub:There is a gap.

◆Next, how about Ilhoon’s voice?
Chang Sub:Really, the man among all men!
Min Hyuk:A voice that smoothly comes into your ears. His RAP comes into the ears easily, so even when his RAP part ends and someone else is singing the next part, I feel as if Ilhoon’s RAP is still ringing in my head endlessly.
Il Hoon:When I RAP, I consider the most important thing as pronunciation.

◆Next, Chang Sub.
Eun Kwang:Angel’s voice.
Hyun Sik:Very comfortable to hear.
Il Hoon:A voice that goes through the nose. His nasal sound is very good.
Min Hyuk:A silk-like voice.
Chang Sub:Wow~ thank you! (Smiles)

◆How about Sung Jae’s voice?
Hyun Sik:A mature voice, older than his age.
Sung Jae:Is it? I thought my voice was like a young boy’s. (Laughter)
Eun Kwang:When he sings, the emotional expression is not at all 20 year old’s.
Il Hoon:He sounds like a grandfather. (Laughter)

◆Hyun Sik’s voice.
Sung Jae:Baritone.
Eun Kwang:Husky and seductive voice. Wild voice.
Sung Jae:He is wild~ (Laughter)
Eun Kwang:There is soul in his voice!

◆How about Peniel?
Sung Jae:There is a Korean instrument that has a similar sound. ♪Kang Kang Kang… the sound is very similar. He has the most transparent voice among us seven.

◆Lsatly, leader Eun Kwang’s voice.
Min Hyuk:Sorrowful? A heart-trembling voice.
Sung Jae:Bright voice.
Il Hoon:His throat is masculine! The vocal is masculine!
Hyun Sik:He can sing high notes.
◆The time is almost up. Lastly, please share your resolution for your works in Japan that are about to start!

Chang Sub:Firstly I hope to be loved by Japanese fans, just like being loved by Korean fans when we worked in Korea. Not only fans I hope to also be known by general Japanese people, and dream of becoming singers who are loved by everyone. Next year I hope we can hold a concert!

◆Chang Sub likes Gundam so much, right? Did you get to see this DiverCity’s Gundam?
Chang Sub:Yes, of course! I already took photos too!
All members: Congratulations! (Applause)
Chang Sub:It’s really great!
Il Hoon:Oh, one more thing! If there is an opportunity, we would like to show up at Japanese variety shows, and make music together with Japanese artists.

◆ We look forward to your works in Japan!
All members: Thank you very much! (Applause)

(text:Kiyori Matsumoto / photo:Akiya Uchida)

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