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Preview SAO, ALO, And Gun Gale Online In All New ‘Sword Art Online: Code Register' Mobile RPG Game Trailer [VIDEO]

By Tara Edwards | January 02, 2015 09:16 PM EST


Trailers and teaser advertisements often are able to increase the revenue/purchase of a particular movie, game, or TV series.

But when said item is limited to one country, it is perhaps equally exciting and infuriating to watch the trailer or view the teasers.

Perhaps that is the case for the latest trailer for mobile RPG game "Sword Art Online: Code Register." The trailer, which may increase the amount of downloads in Japan, previews the available worlds to play in: SAO (aka Aincrad), ALO (Alfheim Online) and GGN (or Gun Gale Online).

Fans on Crunchyroll who are outside of Japan responded to an earlier teaser trailer for "Sword Art Online: Code Register" with many requests for an export of the game.

"Yes yes yes now just release it over here as well as the new game coming out next year," commented YTC1.

"Bandai, just translate it. You can have my god d*** money right now if it will help," said Seamonster22297.

"When is this game coming out? They better release it over here or maybe we will get a later," asked Eddie1255.

Anime News Network reports that the new trailer surfaced via Bandai Namco's official youtube channel earlier today. For fans unable to speak Japanese, they also provide a rough translation of the narration in the trailer:

"Connecting the three worlds that appeared in Sword Art Online, the grand story begins on a smartphone! Use the strongest Sword Skill with your allies and get into the fight!"

"Sword Art Online: Code Register" is a mobile RPG that is adapted from "Sword Art Online," a series of light novels by Reki Kawahara. The light novels were also adapted into a TV anime series, which recently ended its second season in December.

"Sword Art Online" follows the story of Kirito, a VRMMORPG player that becomes trapped inside SAO's Aincrad due to the game creator's desire to make the game seem real. SAO becomes real in the sense that if you die in the game, you die in real life. Kirito thus journeys through SAO with the goal of eventually beating the game and returning to the real world.

Fans who are located in Japan can now buy "Sword Art Online: Code Register" in both the Android and iOS store.

Here's hoping that fans outside of Japan will someday get to experience the game for themselves. Until then, those fans can preview the game in the new trailer below.

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