Block B’s Zico Pre-Releases Two More Tracks From “Zico On the Block 1.5”[VIDEO]

After releasing three songs from his mixtape, Block B's leader Zico, released two more songs entitled "Never" and "Dead Leaves".

Zico is the leader of Block B who recently made their return with their newest title track, "Nillili Mambo". Block B's comeback album was released this month and is called Blockbuster.

Zico's 4th track, "Never" is said to have a chill and relaxed vibe. Whereas in Zico's 5th track from the album, he takes time to think about himself and his past. One of the lines from the song, "I'm gonna die now so I can be reborn" relates back to a sadder time during the idol's life.

Many fans have commented on the tracks saying comments such as, "Zico is just amazing, he should never change himself. I love his raps," "wooah~ he got bolder and bolder this time!," and "In the world of idols, ZICO defines RAP!"

Zico and the rest of his band, Block B, are currently promoting "Nilli Mambo" and are received a lot of support and fans from the comeback.

Check out the songs below!

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