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It's been called the new Gangnam Style. The "gwiyomi" song and dance routine may not have burst on to the scene with the same global impact that Psy's infamous hit did, but it does have loads of celebrities, YouTube stars, ordinary K-pop fans, and idols pantomiming a whole lot of bashful bunny ears and lip smacking.

On the off chance you need a primer: the Gwiyomi Song started after BtoB's Jung Ilhoon started making a series of hand gestures attached to counting the numbers one through six that he called the Gwiyomi Player. It can be somewhat translated to: 'one plus one equals cutie, two plus two equals cutie...' and so on.

The Korean variety show Weekly Idol picked it up and started a segment where its K-pop celebrity guests waged a "Aegyo Battle," (roughly translated: a cuteness battle) where they had to perform the Gwiyomi words and gestures. When a clip of Hari gwiyomi-ing went viral, the sensation really picked up.

Since then, she's got a professionally recorded version of the song and it seems like everyone from Stan Lee to the average K-pop fan has their very own gwiyomi performance floating around YouTube. We've compiled some of the best below.

Stan Lee

The comic book king is known for wanting in on all the fun. He's made cameos in several of the movies and TV shows inspired by Marvel Comics, and apparently couldn't resist an official gwiyomi appearance in Hari's latest video. It's unflinching in its wackiness - just what we never knew we wanted from this legend among comics.

SNSD's Yoona

Perfect example of confidence equalling cutie.


Bless G-Dragon's heart for not believing he's too big of a star to give his gwiyomi 100%. This guy goes all in, lipliner and all.


Mir starts this video as if he needs egging on to perform a gwiyomi, but when he's finally convinced it's clear he has a genuine boyish enthusiasm for the little routine. You can't help but smile a little watching this one.

Girls' Generation Sunny

From the haircut to the voice, this woman just understands cute on a fundamental level, and it shines through in her gwiyomi.

Yang Yoseob

This guy has a rich history of flirty gwiyomis, which thankfully are compiled into this one handy video for your viewing pleasure.

Girls' Day's Minah

Something tells me this isn't Minah's first ride on the gwiyomi bandwagon. There's a spunk and precision in this performance that many of her colleagues could only dream of achieving.

Steven Yuen in "What's Eating Steven Yuen?"

You really have to watch this entire online miniseries to appreciate Steven Yuen's lifetime of gwiyomi's packed into about 20 roller coaster minutes. He goes from skeptical student to gwiyomi master to remorseful gyiyomi-er during his fictional rise and fall from Korean fame, and none of them should go unwatched.

SHINee's Onew

Onew sees your cute gwiyomis and raises you a sexy one. Stick around till the end of the video for his sultry 'six plus six equals cutie.'

What are your favorites? Do you think we missed any? Let us know in the comments! 

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