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Jang Gi Ha's Role Model is Big Bang and Girls' Generation?

By Staff Reporter | October 23, 2012 10:19 AM EDT


Jang Gi Ha's role model is Big Bang?

SBS "Healing Camp" recent episode on Monday featured Jang Gi Ha as a guest and stated, "I started off as an indie band, but I want to become a singer in the major music industry and have the support from the public."

The MC's asked, "Doesn't going major mean that you want to make a lot of money?" in which he answered, "I only need enough to live and continue doing my music, nothing less, nothing more."

Jang Gi Ha commented, "It all comes down to popularity. Popularity means that the people listening to my music are enjoying it."

The MC's asked, "How popular do you want to be?" he answered, "I want to have the popularity and awareness of idol groups these days."

When the MC's asked if he wanted to be as popular as Big Bang or Girls' Generation, he answered, "Yes, I just hope their fans don't hate me for talking about them."

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