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Quiz: Which K-Drama Do You Belong In?

By Rachelle D. | January 12, 2015 03:48 PM EST


There's a little drama in all of us. If your life were really the plot to a K-drama, which one of these would it be?

1. A typical day for you consists of:

A. Working hard at your job (or one of your many jobs), daydreaming about what you're going to eat next, and maybe getting into a little trouble in between. 

B. Brave feats of strength and leadership despite the hardships surrounding you.

C. Smiling for cameras and seducing your latest target.

D. Dismantling the traditional power structures within your school, home, or workplace.

E. A little dismally figuring out the best ways to get ahead in your (usually boring) job.


2. If your friends had to describe you, they'd say you are:

A. Hardworking, clever, hungry, and a little mischevious.

B. Brave, intelligent, loyal, and a natural leader.

C. Seductive, buoyant, and growing curious about the world that exists outside your bubble.

D. Brassy, unconventional, charming, and fearless.

E.  Using your past experiences and smarts to navigate your way through life, even if it's a bit more lackluster than you thought it would be.

3. Your ideal life partner is:

A. Someone who recognizes that life should be a healthy balance between fun, good food, good friends, and earning a good living.

B. A strong and understanding partner who knows that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

C. You have your pick of suitors, so you're looking for the strong, stoic type that makes you work for it.

D. It surprised everyone (including yourself) but you're drawn to the kind of arrogant know-it-all who keeps you on your toes.

E. The fun-loving, whip-smart friend who provides a nice escape when adulthood gets tough.

4. If you could live anywhere else for awhile, it would be:

A. Italy. Maybe you could even learn how to brew the perfect cup of espresso or whip up a savory pasta dish.

B. A quiet, well protected mountaintop where you can lead a self-sustainable community.

C. A galaxy far, far away.

D. A loft in a big city like Tokyo, London, or New York that's near to friends, great shopping, and the best night life in town.

E. An island in Thailand far, far away from my job.


5. Your typical workout is:

A. Workout? Eh, I'd rather have another sandwich, please. But I do get quite a bit of exercise running around all day at my job.

B. Martial arts training.

C. Whatever my trainer tells me will keep me looking the best.

D. A little elliptical or anything else I can do while texting and Tweeting.

E. Nice outdoor run to clear my head once in awhile.


If your answers were:

Mostly A's: First Shop of Coffee Prince

You've got two things on your mind - where your next dollar is coming from, and where your next meal is coming from. You're not too uptight about it, though. You take genuine delight in life, your hard work, and of course, FOOD. You're lots of fun to be around, and aren't above a little harmless hijinks to get an extra buck (or an extra helping of your favorite meal.)

Mostly B's: Jumong

You are unrelenting on your quest for freedom, justice, and vengeance. Your energy comes from activities like demanding physical exercise and leadership roles. It's possible you were born a little late in history. There are plenty of roles for you in this day in age, but you would have made a hell of a warrior king or queen back in the day.

Mostly C's: My Love From the Star

You've got a life that's as good as it gets on Earth. You're attractive, charming, and have friends and potential lovers clamoring to get in your good graces. But being the king or queen of your world will get old after awhile. It will do you a lot of good to get outside your bubble and explore what you've never explored -- even if it's galaxies away.

Mostly D's: Boys Over Flowers

Drama is always finding its way to you - or maybe when life's getting a little boring for your tastes, you go out sniffing for some spice. Even if you're just out running errands or going to an average day of school, you're always keeping things interesting. That, combined with your own charm and sass, means you're likely to surprise and impress even those who aren't usually easy to please.

Mostly E's: Misaeng

Well, here you are. The dreams you had as a nine-year-old haven't exactly panned out - maybe you never grew tall enough to be the next Michael Jordan or just didn't have the design chops to make it in the fashion world - but you're slowly and steadily learning the ins and outs of normal (sometimes boring) adulthood. Some days you want to get up, tip your desk, and march dramatically outta there. But most days, you're learning that through a little combination of growing into yourself, budding friendships with co-conspirators, and a few late night letting out steam sessions, this real world stuff isn't all bad.

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