BigHit Entertainment Criticized For BTS Photoshoot At Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Pictures from a photo shoot featuring the members of K-pop boy band BTS at Berlin's Holocaust memorial were recently removed from the group's official Twitter account after receiving criticism from fans and internet users. 

On January 12, pictures on the K-pop group's official Twitter page showed the members posing amidst the Berlin Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The photos are from an unconfirmed photo book of BTS's trip to Europe.

Shortly after the pictures appeared on Twitter, the official Twitter account removed them likely due to the response from fans who criticized BTS and BigHit Entertainment for being disrespectful and unthinking by holding a photo shoot at a Holocaust memorial.

The pictures show BTS walking and posing amidst the large concrete slabs of the memorial. They were reportedly shot during BTS's time in Europe in 2014. In July 2014, BTS held fanmeetings in Sweden and Germany.

Fans got together and sent tweets and emails to BigHit Entertainment including the message: "To BigHit, The place where BTS took the pictures is a memorial place established in the remembrance of the Jews who were killed during the Holocaust. Therefore, we hope/suggest that you do not publish the photos taken there in respect to the Jewish community. Thank you."

The memorial opened up in 2005, and features 2,711 slabs of uneven heights and unequal sizes to represent the lost of human reason leading up to and during the Holocaust. Since the inauguration, there have been individual memorials made for the other groups victimized and murdered by Nazi Germany.

BigHit has not commented on the situation since removing the photos.

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