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Fashion Icon: Lee Hyori

October 24, 2012 09:45 PM EDT

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1 / Credit: vogue

Over the last few years, Lee Hyori has been and is still known as a fashion icon. She's an idol who shares a love for stray animals-that she usually takes in-and fashion. Hyori is one of the first to break out into the international fashion scene. Before there was 2NE1, there was Hyori and this woman definitely knew how to rock some adidas clothing.

Back in March of 2010, an adidas video had come out and it was said that Hyori actually made an appearance around the 1:14 mark. Her appearance lasts about :18 seconds but fans around the world supported her and were amazed that she was affiliated with the likes of Whitney Port, Adriane Baillon, and Ciara. The top comment on the youtube video, which was made a year ago, was "Lee Hyori <3", showing that even a year after it's release, people still watch and support the Korean idol.

She is seen wearing silver leggings that stop mid-calf. Her heels look to be about 3 inches and the straps along the top of her foot are a neon yellowish-green; which matches the large bag she's holding as well as the eye-popping necklace. To top off her outfit, her shirt is white, with the silver adidas sign. The silver is the same texture as the pants, it seems.

Even when she began her career in Fin.KL, the members mentioned that because of Hyori's popularity; they had their phones confiscated. Until this day, her popularity has not withered one bit. She still remains to be a strong pop icon with a large influence around the world.

After working with adidas, others have also been doing so; more often than before... especially 2NE1, who has now befriended Jeremy Scott, one of the designers. But even so, it seems as if Korean idols are branching off into the international market for clothing.

It's not every day that you can see your acts associated with American ones. For instance; 2NE1 is involved in the newest adidas commercial with Nicki Minaj and Charles Rose (basketball player).

Well, back to Hyori! Day by day, year by year, her beauty seems to enhance and she seems more humble than ever before. Her body is something that male fans adore and women fans aspire to have; reason why she not afraid to show a little skin, as she did in her last ELLE magazine spread. Her Vogue Spread this time around, she's avidly showing off her stomach. The funky, street fashion of New York in shown throughout her spread and she continues to prove that she's one of the top divas in South Korea. Her clothing was inspired by Andy Warhol in the 1970s, which was a very popular time for fashion and other trends that have set off. Hyori was able to embrace that with no problem at all whatsoever. It seems as if this woman can do anything.

Photo Credit: Sports Chosun | Video Credit: adidas' Youtube

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