1PUNCH Teaser Shows Lee Hyun Do, New Logo & Mysterious Date

A second teaser is out for 1PUNCH, the upcoming Seo Taiji & Boys-inspired duo from Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment.

The teaser focuses on Lee Hyun Do, who has a featured billing in the duo's debut, bobbing his head to music and showing his support for the collaboration act. At the end of the video, a new 1PUNCH logo was presented with the word punch placed on top of a large number 1, and replaces the old logo seen in previous teasers. 

The final second of the teaser also flashes the date January 22, 2015, which could mean anything from another teaser, the members reveal, the MV drop or a debut performance.

While the vote of confidence from such a veteran musician is nice, some fans could not help but wonder when the two members will be revealed. Announced last December, the new boy band is being fashioned in the image of pioneering acts like Seo Taiji & Boys, a popular South Korean pop trio back in the 1990's, and Deux.

1PUNCH is the combination of the names of its two members, 1 and Punch. A few facts have been revealed about both boys. They have an average age of 17 and possess excellent skills in dancing, singing and rapping honed through extensive training.

1 is being hyped as a strong rapper who writes his own lyrics and a budding fashionista with romance manga-type visuals, among other attractive qualities. Meanwhile, Punch is a multilingual that can speak four languages, which should make the member connect better with international fans.

The first trailer released last week suggested that the 1PUNCH comeback will have an urban superhero theme. It had shown a man dropping from the skies and slamming his fist on the road with so much force that the concrete shatters on impact before revealing the 1PUNCH logo.

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