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Newest 'Psycho-Pass' Movie Ad Collaboration Includes Akane Tsunemori And Shinya Kogami Themed Ramen

By Tara Edwards | January 14, 2015 07:43 PM EST


These days it appears that Japanese fans of "Psycho-Pass" now have several themed things they can try in celebration of the newly released movie.

It only seems right that in addition to Sibyl System scanners in Japanese metro stations that "Psycho-Pass" would find its way into a staple food of anime Otaku: ramen.

According to a report from Crunchyroll, "Psycho-Pass" fans can now eat themed ramen in celebration of the new animated movie that was released last weekend. The ramen, which appears in several ramen restaurants throughout the major cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hokkaido, appears to be based on the "hue" of individual characters. Yet that theory seems swapped in the case of Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kogami.

Despite the popularity of anime series' penned by Gen Urobuchi, he recently admitted that he doesn't focus on his popularity:

"The fact is that I really don't care about the popularity and also really focus on my work. Every time I always focus on how best to proceed with the next scene. My focus is on the action and story, never the popularity," said Urobuchi to Neko's Shiritori.

Whether its fan preference for Urobuchi's writing or a rather clever advertising scheme, the "Psycho-Pass" movie is certainly drawing in plenty of audience members.

Nevertheless, in addition to the "Psycho-Pass" themed sweets being offered at Patisserie Swallowtail bakery shops in Japan, there is now also "Psycho-Pass" themed ramen. The ramen, which is produced in collaboration with, comes with a free collaboration post card that features the character the ramen is inspired by.

It would seem that Enforcers should have darker "hue" soup bases, but Kogami's ramen has a darker soup base than Akane's soup base. But then again, it seems rather appropriate that Mika Shimotsuki's ramen is actually tsukemen instead, since she is deathly afraid of coloring her hue.

"Psycho-Pass" is described by Funimation as follows:

"In the future, even just thinking about a crime is enough to make you guilty - and justice is dispensed from the barrel of a gun. Detectives work in teams made up of Enforcers and Inspectors. Enforcers take out the bad guys, and Inspectors make sure their partners don't cross the fine line between good and evil."

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