Kim So Eun Shares Her Beauty Tips With Sure

Liar Game actress Kim So Eun shared her seven most essential beauty tips in the January issue of Sure magazine.

In the photoshoot, So Eun posed in a white bedroom set with strategic lighting that appeared like early morning sunlight. She wore white winter apparel by Eight Seconds, Coming Step, and Second Floor, to name a few designer brands. She wore her hair up and down, but kept her bangs consistently rustled and unruly to appear sleepy and fresh out of bed. The pictorial was the perfect blend of demure and sexy and showed So Eun's natural beauty with a variety of closeups.

During the interview portion, So Eun shared a few facts about her life and personality. She revealed her love for the American film The Painted Veil, which stars Naomi Watts and Edward Norton. The film is about a loveless couple who relocate to mainland China to fight a Cholera epidemic. So Eun stated that she was very impressed by the acting and character development and would love to star in a similar heartbreaking drama.

Kim So Eun also compacted her beauty regime into seven beauty tips. Her tips are as follow:

1. When applying eye cream, don't simply rub the area. Massage the sides around your crow's feet to help smooth and sooth the skin.

2. Multitask during your beauty routine. Take a 20 minute shower while wearing a face sheet mask with a 10 minute application period.

3. If your skin becomes extremely dry, use an Aloe Vera face pack to rejuvenate it.

4. Light scented candles next to windows so the smell ventilates. Your cat will enjoy the smell.

5. Be interested in your skin. Going to a dermatologist should be a last resort. Manage the health of your skin by making sure you get enough moister and don't have excessive keratin. As for cosmetics, try to find the best product for you.

6. Undo stress with exercise. Slowly increase the distance of your runs. When I used to be in full exercise swing, I would do yoga five times a week. If you're doing yoga, you should also have a daily diet.

7. Have free minds! If you're having a hard time, it changes your impressions on things. I would recommend raising a pet, a dog or cat, for consolation.

You can read more of Kim So Eun's interesting interview in this month's issue of Sure!


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