Brian Joo and Heather Park Shine in Hollywood Musical 'Loving the Silent Tears'

Los Angeles, CA - For a one-time performance of Broadway-type musical "Loving the Silent Tears", Korea and K-Pop were represented well. K-Pop sensation Brian Joo and Korean American singer Heather Park graced the red carpet at the Shrine Auditorium on Saturday, October 27th, alongside formidable names in Hollywood and politics. Celebrities and dignitaries were all in attendance at the said event.

The musical is a celebration of the 19th anniversary of Supreme Master Ching Hai, who is known all over the world for her philanthropic causes. One of her poetry collection, "Silent Tears" was the basis of the musical. The play was set around the theme of humanity's quest for inner peace and happiness, and how that quest is a global need. To demonstrate the cross-cultural impact of that quest, the story revolves around the journey of two people, reflective of every person young and old. They traverse the globe via a train ride across many different countries. Korea is one of the "stops" of that train journey, and where Brian Joo and Heather Park feature in a duet with Brian singing in Korean right after Heather's English lines, as if giving praise as one person in different tongues. Other internationally renowned artists all over the world feature in the other "stops" including Jon Secada (Cuba), Black Uhuru (Jamaica), Kay Tse (China), Ho Quynh Huong (Vietnam), Fabiana Passoni (Brazil), and many others. To stress the caliber of the stars included in the cast, MTV even described the musical as a gathering of "Titans in their own fields".

In the official event program, Brian Joo shared his thoughts on being part of this elaborate production, "I've never thought I would be part of a production of this caliber. Music has always been the main reason for who I am and to be able to perform and share the stage with those many talented artists is like meeting the Supreme Master Ching Hai herself. I am honestly more humbled than ever before and cannot wait to see where this night will go." For someone who's been known to already have a humble personality and a friendly demeanor, the event did seem to have a deeper impact for Brian. Heather Park had similar feelings, saying, "It's an honor to be included among such a diverse, talented and beautiful cast." She cites Jon Secada, Jody Watley and Black Uhuru as her musical influences since her youth, and thus find it surreal to work with them.

While the event packed on the prominence with a long list of Hollywood who's who owning the stage and walking the red carpet, it also raised awareness for an alternative lifestyle embracing benevolence and charity, and global citizenship. For such an elaborate and grand production, Brian Joo and Heather Park not only expanded their experience, but also elevated their status as influential artists whose talents can make an impact for a better world.

Writer: Dorothy A | Reporters: Dorothy A, Jasmine S | Photos: Dorothy A, Supreme Master TV

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