'Fate/Stay Night Garden Of Avalon' Novel By Kinoko Nasu Cover Art Featuring Saber Revealed [PHOTO]

When a Blu-ray special edition box set costs over $100, depending on the special features, it perhaps seems worth the empty wallet. Aniplex's $400 Blu-ray disc box for "Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works" however feels a bit too steep.

But the new cover art for the included original novel, "Fate/stay night Garden of Avalon" may cause some to rethink the price again.

Today the official "Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works" twitter posted the cover art for the upcoming original novel by Kinoko Nasu. Fans can view this cover art, which features fan favorite The novel, which is included with the box set Blu-ray of the recently finished airing anime series is set for release on March 25.

(Due to copyright reasons we cannot post the photo without the sample watermark, but fans can view it by clicking here)

Fans who caught the posting of the cover art of Saber praised her for her beauty.

"Such beautiful cover art," commented ZeroRequiem on Crunchyroll.

"Beautiful" added Facebook15.

One fan in particular brought up the point however, that despite the beauty of Saber, the price may still be too much.

"I want this so badly but why is it so expensive? WTF," explained Menalaus25

According to Anime News Network, the "Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works" Blu-ray box set will include the uncut version of the entire first season, the trailer and TV teaser collections, a soundtrack CD, a 50-page deluxe booklet featuring staff interviews, production materials and (as mentioned above) the exclusive "Fate/stay night Garden of Avalon" novel by Kinoko Nasu.

"Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works" is the latest installment in the "Fate" series, produced by Type-Moon and Ufotable. This version aired during the Fall of 2014 and was directed by Takahiro Miura and written by Akira Hiyama and Kazuharu Sato.

The official "Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works" website provides the following synopsis for the series:

"This story focuses primarily on the heroine Rin Tohsaka. After her father's death, Rin enters the Holy Grail War as the sole heir to the prestigious Tohsaka Household, with her servant Archer. But, she soon finds out that Shirou Emiya, a boy from her high school has gotten himself involved in the battles and unexpectedly saves him when he is fatally injured.

Before long, Rin sets out to strike down the conspiracies surrounding the Holy Grail War along with Shirou and his summoned servant Saber. And so, the story begins to explore the truth behind Shirou's powers and the nature behind his unyielding will to become a 'hero.'"

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