[Photo Shoot + Exclusive Interview] Block B Japan Major Debut (1) The Goal Is Oricon Chart No.1 And Tokyo Dome!

Block B has announced their Japan major debut on January 21 next year. They revealed to fans for the first time the Japanese version of the much-anticipated debut single “Very Good,” at a convention on December 6.   

◆Congratulations on your Japan debut!
All members: Thank you~!

◆Please share your reflection now that Japan debut has been decided.

P.O: Since we debuted in Korea, we have visited Japan for man times, and held events, showcases and concerts. I have been always wondering when we can debut in Japan, but this time, it was decided that we could officially have major debut in Japan. I am very glad and looking forward to it!  

◆Since you are debuting in Japan, did you set up a new goal as Block B?
Zico: We have had activities in Japan before. But this time we are debuting officially, so we want to hit No.1 in Oricon Chart, and want to hold concerts in Tokyo Dome.

◆I saw your concert at Maihama Amphitheater. I thought you used the stage well. How do members come up with ideas for the concert’s performances?
B-Bomb: We exchange ideas while talking with the staffs who are in charge of the performance. While we hold rehearsals, we give opinions for lighting and sound, with our wishes. We work toward the ideas together.
Park Kyung: You have seen our live concert?  

◆Yes, of course. I have seen all live concerts from the very first one in Japan. The images in the background of the concert is also great! How do you come up with the ideas?
Jaehyo: It is not like we plan everything from zero, but as we work on the video in reality, we suggest ideas that come up to our minds, and try to take clips that can reveal each members’ color.

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