[Photo Shoot + Exclusive Interview] Block B Japan Major Debut (2) 'Very Good' In Japanese Is Funny! 

When you are asked “what kind of group is Block B?” how will you explain?
Jaehyo: I think it’s a group like a chameleon. And in contrast, it is also a group like a white canvas with nothing drawn on it. It can be dyed in any color, and you can draw any image as you want. The best artist who draws all kinds of images on that white paper is Zico!
Park Kyung: Well, we are all artists! (Laughter)

◆Single “Very Good” Japanese version was selected as the debut single. Please explain this song.
Zico: The song “Very Good” has mixed electronic and rock, and I think it expresses Block B’s identity the best. We chose it as the first single’s main song because it is fitting to Japan debut. This song allowed us to get No.1 in Korea.

◆The Japanese lyrics are very interesting! What do you think of the Japanese lyrics of “Very Good”? Is there any Japanese expression you learned for the first time?
U-Kwon: (Begins to sing) ♪Doki Doki Hara Hara Nodo Kara Kara Mera Mera Fire Fire~

◆It’s a very impressive phrase!
U-Kwon: Yes. (Begins to sing) ♪Doki Doki Hara Hara~

◆P.O’s part is also intense and interesting.
P.O: (Begins to sing) ♪Mitsubachi Muragare (honey bee, gather) We-n We-n !

◆What is your favorite part?
Zico: (Sings) ♪Tobihanero! (Leap!)
Park Kyung: ♪Hassha Nanatsuno Dangan~ (shoot seven bullets) - was difficult.
All members: (Respectively) ♪Hassha Nanatsuno Dangan~! Nanatsu, was difficult!
P.O: Park Kyung was good at pronunciation from the beginning, so I don’t think it was too difficult.
Park Kyung: Oh yeah, leave it to me (Laughter)

◆Please share some stories during the recording.
Jaehyo: In the beginning, I was a little worried, thinking Japanese would be difficult. But when we tried, it was smoother than I thought, so I believe everyone could enjoy the recording.
Park Kyung: Speaking of a story, when I sang the RAP part, the staffs gave me applause! (Laughter)

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