[Photo Shoot + Exclusive Interview] Block B Japan Major Debut (3) If You Are To Publish Autobiography, What Would Be The Title?  

About the special video clip you are about to shoot, what kind of image will it have? Please share as much as you can right now.

Taeil: Secret (Laughter)
P.O: We haven’t shot it yet, so it’s secret!

◆By the way, what is the ranking of Japanese ability among the current members?
Zico: (In Japanese) No.1 in Japanese class is Zico! No.2 is U-Kwon. The rest is all the same. (Laughter)

◆All the best!!
Jaehyo: (To U-Kwon) “Gambatte (Japanese)” … what does it mean again?
U-Kwon: (To Jaehyo) Fighting!
Jaehyo: Oh~! (Understood)

◆Let me ask a question from a different direction. If you are to publish your autobiography now, what kind of title will you give to that book?
Jaehyo: (In Japanese) I would title it “Jaehyo’s Book” (Laughter)
Taeil: “The Empire on Fire”
U-Kwon: My title would be “I am U-Kwon!”
Taeil: Then I would do, in Japanese, “Taeil-san” (laughter)
P.O: I would title it “Block B”

◆Lastly, please give a message to the worldwide fans!
Taeil: We Block B await the convention in December, and Japan debut in January. At the convention in Shinagawa Stellar Ball in December, we will perform the Japanese version of “Very Good” for the first time, so please look forward to it a lot. I hope many people could come and enjoy it. We will do our best in our work in Japan, so please look forward. Please support us.
Jaehyo: (In Japanese) What we want to eat is yakiniku (BBQ)! (Laughter)
All members: (Laughter)
U-Kwon: We will be more diligent in studying Japanese, so we can communicate with many people! We hope to work diligently in Japan and meet many fans! And we will make effort to hold a live concert in Tokyo Dome. Please continue to support us!

(text:Kiyori Matsumoto / photo:Akiya Uchida)

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