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Uncovering The K-Pop: G-Friend

By Nikole S. | January 26, 2015 05:31 AM EST


G-Friend is a 2015 freshly debuted girl group produced by the label Source Music. On January 4, the official Twitter for G-Friend uploaded short profiles of each members whose ages range from 17 to 20 (Korean age). G-Friend consists of six members Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SimB, and Umji. On January 15, G-Friends very first EP 'Season of Glass' was realeased. Included on the album is five tracks with the title song being "Glass Bead". But what is it that will help G-Friend stand out?

Not very much is know about the group so far but we were able to get a small glimpse into what G-Friends is aiming for in their music video for "Glass Bead". "Glass Bead" shows a refreshing image of young friendship with a sound that is somewhat reminiscent of A-Pink yet added their own naturalness to it.

Various comments were left under G-Friends debut performance uploaded via YouTube and it would seem that many were impressed. User left encouraging comments such as "This is such a great performance for new rookie like them!", "They are talking about going into a new world that is unknown, but they are doing it together. Its not like most debut songs that are just plain random." and "They have a great live performance! Live singing while dancing energetically, now that's impressive." Though there were commenting complementing the group there were quite a few that also mentioned that songs fits more the J-pop style and that the song even has its similarities to Girls Generation's debut track, "Into the New World".

One member in particular named SinB has been garnering much attention lately for her striking resemblence to former Girls Generation member, Jessica. Various users on Twitter left comments such as "she looks exactly the same as jessica predebut it's scary.... i'm stanning", "another Jung family hehe Jessica lost twin" and " pretty^^". Though it's pretty early to make the call, some are assuming that SinB will end up becoming the visual for G-Friend.

Similar to a previous in which TaeHyung mentioned he stumbled upon a comment of a fan stating EXO's Baekhyun looked to be his mom and B.A.P's Daehyun to be his dad, new resemblence has also been show through the members of BTS and G-Friend. Member Umji is slowly bearing a resemblence to a mix of BTS' Suga and Jimin mostly in the eyes, nose and smile.

The other members of G-Friend are slowly showing their cute charms through the videos uploaded to the official G-Friend YouTube channel. On the channel, a video was uploaded of member Yuju going through vocal training and let's just say that we hope to hear her more often!

Overall, G-Friend is fresh into the K-pop scene and are aiming to claim a spot at the top in the new generation of girl groups. Their future is hard to read at this point but let's follow them and see where their teamwork, talent, and dedication take them!

For more updates on the G-Friend, make sure to follow the official Twitter account @GFRDOfficial

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