Watch ‘Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!' Episode 3 Live Stream Free Online: Ballet And The Pretty Boy Contest

Today marks another new episode of magical boys anime "Cute High Earth Defense Clube LOVE!" Episode 3 entitled "Feel Love, Narcissus" is set to be streamed to fans outside of Japan thanks to Funimation. For those without subscriptions however, below are two links to websites where episodes of "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!" is available to watch online for free.

Watch "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!" Episode 3 "Feel Love, Narcissus" Here


This week's episode begins with the advisor of the Ballet Club, Kurotori Moteo making a vow to the be Binan High School's number one pretty boy and dancing naked at the bathhouse. Yufuin and Kinugawa are disgusted but Yumato believes it's best to enjoy being naked and free at the bathhouse. After he leaves they discuss the oddity that he was hired at their school - apparently it was an accident.

Back at school, Kurotori approaches Ryu and Naruko to join the Ballet Club. Meanwhile the Conquest Club watches the exchange, perhaps contemplating how to use him. Naruko asks Ryu if he'll join and Ryu says he won't because Kurotori promised 10 percent less girls. He also is accosted by a member of the Conquest club, Gero, who notes he'll never win the Pretty Boy contest.

Later, the Wombat announces that Yumoto is not allowed to join any other club because he is calling them the Earth Defense Club for the group. Yufuin comes up with a plan to help Ryu win the Pretty Boy contest. Well, Yumoto excludes himself because he hates thinking. Later on, Yufuin makes a public display of his strength by winning a public arm wrestling contest. Naruko shows another man his bank account to gain popularity.

Ryuu decides to increase his popularity by saving some triplets from being forced to clean the classrooms. The Conquest club watches on in the background. Meanwhile, nobody shows up to the Ballet Club event. With that, the Conquest Club decides to use Kurotori to do their bidding.

Later at the Pretty Boy Contest event, Kurotori appears as a swan and attacks the crowd of boys so they all love him. The Wombat tells the boys to fight and as usual Yufuin is a reluctant participant. The boys are unfortunately immediately struck with the love feathers and can't help wanting to love the Swan. Yumoto however saves them by pointing out how loving someone is greater than being loved.

They manage to save Kurotori, and as usual, Yufuin is tired. They head to the Kurotama bath for their post fight ritual.

Fans can also watch "Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!" episode three here.

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