ZE:A Side Project ZE:AJ Offer Autographed Photos For Fans Pre-Ordering Their 'Roulette' EP

Idol group ZE:A members Dongjun, Minwoo, Heechul, Kevin and Taehyun will be coming together to become a sub-unit dance performance group called ZE:AJ.

The ‘J’ part of the name means Jewel, Joy, Jolly, Justice and Join to show that they are the connection between Korea and Japan and that they will show a different and fun image through the sub-unit.

The sub-unit group will be performing and promoting a dance song called, “Roulette,” in which member Kevin wrote and produced himself.

“These five members have already been receiving much attention in Japan. Taehyun for his sweetness, Heechul and Dongjun for their good looks, Kevin for his gentleness and Minwoo for his cuteness,” Star Jaegook agency commented. “They have left for Japan on January 20th and will be their for one week for album activities. They are excited to be able to see their Japan fans.”



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