Watch ‘Parasyte The Maxim’ Episode 15 Live Stream Free Online: Izumi Shinichi Vows To Fight One By One

An all new episode of popular horror series "Parasyte the Maxim" is now available to stream online. Episode 15 entitled "Something Wicked This Way Comes" was simulcast to fans outside of Japan via Crunchyroll. For those without subscriptions however, below are two links where episodes of "Parasyte the Maxim" is available to watch for free online.

Watch "Parasyte the Maxim" Episode 15 "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Here


The episode begins with an Investigator watching a meeting between Reiko and a man. The Investigator is told by someone on the phone to follow the man. The man picks up another girl at an arcade and heads into a seemingly empty garage. The Investigator is discovered by the man, who has already murdered the girl.

Shinichi runs into Kuramori, the Investigator that's been following him. He asks Shinichi for help with his other Investigator friend who disappeared earlier that day. Migi warns Shinichi not to interrupt a man and woman, one of which is a Parasite preparing to murder her. Shinichi tries to warn her but she ends up dead. A fight breaks out between Migi and the new Parasite. Migi takes it down with Shinichi's help. Kuramori vomits from the the amount of blood.

Kuramori is ultimately convinced to keep the secret of the Parasites that he's discovered. He vows to destroy the evidence, as it's better for humans to be kept in the dark about their weakness. Shinichi is surprised since he just offered to help Kuramori reveal what he's discovered.

Shinichi vows to destroy each Parasite one by one, even if Migi tries to resist. Shinichi sees Murano at school and she runs off. Meanwhile, at a meeting of the Parasites, Reiko proposes that Shinichi cannot be killed for his "treason" of killing them because she wants to dissect him instead. Gotou plays Chopin on the piano as he's summoned to take on Shinichi.

Shinichi has a nightmare that he is a parasite. Later at school three parasites come to kill Shinichi. He runs, yelling that he will not fight at school. He then tells Murano he will keep her safe on his way away from school. Migi says he's too tired to fight, so Shinichi is left to run away as his only method of survival.

This parasite that's chasing him is called Miki because he has three separate parasites living in one human body. Migi finally wakes up and the episode ends in a face off between Shinichi, Migi and Miki.

Fans can also watch "Parasyte the Maxim" episode 15 here.

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