Watch ‘The Testament Of Sister New Devil' Episode 3 Live Stream Free Online: Basara Protects Mio From A Devastating Blow

Today marks an all new episode of "The Testament of Sister New Devil" ("Shinmai Maou no Testament" for Japanese speakers). Episode 3 entitled "Reunion and a Gap in Trust" was streamed to fans outside of Japan thanks to Crunchyroll. For those without subscriptions however, below are two links to websites where "The Testament of Sister New Devil" is available to watch online for free.

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This week's episode picks up with Yuki's request that Basara no longer associate with Mio. Basara figures out that Yuuki is the one that the Hero village assigned to watch Mio. Meanwhile, Mio and Maria discuss what they've just eavesdropped on. But ultimately Mio's curse is activated for her thoughts about Basara.

The curses ultimately sends Mio running out of the restaurant, just as Basara admits that he will remain with Mio because she was merely a girl trying to live a normal life until now. Yuki doesn't believe that Basara will be safe protecting Mio from the demons. She summons her weapons just as a demon attacks. She warns that she will eliminate Mio if the Hero village requests it.

Maria insists that the only way to build trust is for them all to bathe together. Maria has apparently informed Mio she should use her chest to wash Basara's back. Basara tries to get out of the whole thing by mentioning dinner but Maria brings the cake he bought into the bathroom, thwarting his plans. Hilariously, Basara passes out from a nosebleed after the girls begin to lick cake off his arm that spilled.

Basara wakes up in bed with Maria who explains to Basara the perverted dreams he was having after passing out. He then requests something of Maria off screen. At school Basara sleeps in class and Mio watches him, angry he won't pay her any attention. She then has bad thoughts when Basara is to do an after school project with Yuki. The curse causes her to pass out.

In the nurse's office, Basara and Mio are left alone. Mio begs Basara to stay with her. He steps out just to get a drink from the vending machine. He runs into Takigawa in the hallway. They talk briefly before some demons infiltrate the school. Yuki visits Mio's bedside while Basara fights the demons. Yuki tells Mio to leave Basara. She refuses. Yuki starts a fight.

Yuki reveals that Basara cannot fight like he used to is because of a past event that forced him to kill many of his past companions. Basara makes it to the roof. Suddenly a Masked man appears who is responsible for the demons. The Masked man reveals that Maria and Basara have been fighting day and night to protect Mio.

Basara takes a direct hit for her from a demon and the episode ends.

Fans can also watch "The Testament of Sister New Devil" episode 3 here.

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