‘Narudoma' Manga Gets Print Collection And Anime Adaptation Slated For Release In 2015

This year's winter anime season has plenty of variety for fans to feast on including quite a few harem series' and the return of two popular horror series that began last year.

Luckily for Yaoi fans, they will also get a new anime series to look forward to this year.

Today it was announced that the "Narudoma" boys-love manga series is not only going to get a full printed collection, but will also be adapted into a TV anime slated for release in 2015. Reportedly it was a very popular free manga series on the free manga app Comico, so this is likely great news for those fans in particular.

In fact, excitement (if not just simple interest) seems to at least be the sentiment among fans on Crunchyroll:

"They got me a handsome, narcissistic lolicon college student. That description alone make me want to watch it," explained Karen Araragi.

"This looks interesting. Here's hoping the episodes are longer than four minutes," commented Tastethelazer.

"I am interested now. I wonder if this anime will be on Crunchyroll?" asked Moonbeam009.

According to Anime News Network, the news about the anime adaptation came from a wrap-around band on the first manga volume, which was tweeted in a picture by IEE802.11. While there's currently little information about the TV anime adaptation, given the popularity of the manga that lead to over 7.5 million downloads, it will likely be streamed by a popular anime licensing company.

ANN provides the following description for "Narudoma":

"Hagito is a handsome yet pitiful man with a loli complex. Anytime, anywhere, a mirror is his constant companion. Surrounding him are a host of highly idiosyncratic characters: the diehard masochist Kei, the unnaturally strong yet girlish Totono, the exceedingly stylish working stiff Saitō, and the extraordinarily negative Roku. Even the one normal guy has his own issues."

Despite any aversion to the concept of boys-love, perhaps the comedy will manage to draw in unsuspecting fans when "Narudoma" debuts later this year.

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