Original ‘Sailor Moon' Anime Episodes To Air In Japan This April, Will Toonami Follow With The Original ‘Sailor Moon' English Dub?

In the past few years, 90s nostalgia has proven successful as a means to generate revenue. There's been a reboot of almost anything that was popular during that decade.

But how well do original versions hold up over time?

In the case of five magical girls drawing their power from the moon and other inner planets, it perhaps holds up well. Today it was announced that in addition to the currently streaming (and soon to air) "Sailor Moon Crystal," the original "Sailor Moon" anime adaptation will air in Japan. With the willingness to return "Sailor Moon" to broadcast television, will Toonami, a revival animation block in itself, follow suit with the English Dub?

In response to the announcement that the original anime adaptation for "Sailor Moon" would air in Japan, fans in an ANN forum began to consider the possibility that it would make it to Toonami in the U.S.

"I'm just praying this is enough to convince VIZ Media to put this show on Toonami. Yeah it's a lot more "cutesy" than the other shows on there, but hey America deserves to see the uncut uncensored Sailor Moon English Dub we've been waiting 20 years for," explained Yotsubafanfan.

"Considering Adult Swim is already filled with kids anime, ‘Sailor Moon's' only strike against being on Toonami would be it's a shoujo. Action cartoons aimed at girls or starring girls have a bad time in America, though I suppose it would have the nostalgia factor to help it's case," commented Stuart Smith.

Perhaps if the original "Sailor Moon" episodes do well in Japan, Viz Media, the company that has currently licensed the original series and re-dubbed it in English with a new cast, will consider airing its HD remastered episodes on its original animation home, Toonami.

According to Anime News Network, "Sailor Moon" will rerun on NHK premium channel for satellite TV in Japan starting April 6. NHK claims that "Sailor Moon" fits into their category of "masterpiece anime" such as "Anne of Green Gables."

"Sailor Moon" is a multimedia franchise based on the original manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. The story follows Usagi Tsukino, a girl who one day meets a cat named Luna that informs her she is a soldier for justice, charged to save the Earth from an evil force called the Negaverse. Usagi Tsukino transforms into "Sailor Moon" and with the help of her other Sailor Scouts, they fight for love and justice.

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