‘Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin I Blue-Eyed Casval' Reveals New Character And Mecha Designs Alongside A New English Dubbed Trailer [VIDEO]

Bandai is creating plenty of excitement for its upcoming anime adaptation of the prequel manga, "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin I Blue-Eyed Casval." The excitement in question is a host of new character designs and a fully english dubbed trailer for the film featuring the newly announced English cast. Fans can view this trailer below.

So far, fans in an ANN forum have had a positive response to the English dub cast for the main roles in "Moile Suit Gundam: The Origin I Blue-Eyed Casval":

"I'm really looking forward to this! I'm surprised that I really enjoyed hearing that dub. I'm normally not a (modern) dub fan, but that was really good. Reminds me of the good old days of GitS:SAC and Cowboy Bebop dub quality," explained Mecha Odyssey.

"Looks like a great cast!" added PurpleWarrior13.

According to Crunchyroll, the Official Gundam Info site introduced several new characters (which fans can view images of on Crunchyroll) including Johann Ibrahim Revil, the Commander of the Earth Federation Space Forces; Denim, a Zeon Pilot who serves under Char; Gaia, Mash, and Ortega, the Black Tri-Stars; Tachi O'Hara and Captain Donovan Matogurosu, Autonomous Republic of Munzo guards, and many more.

In addition to the cast members, the Gundam site also introduced several new Mecha designs: the Chibe-class Heavy Cruiser, Zeon Space Battleship, the Lepanto-class Missile Frigate, Earth Federation Battleship, Columbus-class Transport Ship (Earth Federation), and the Ocean Cargo private transport ship.

Anime News Network reports that "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin" is set to be told in four separate parts. The first part follows the story of "Casval Rem Deikun and Artesia Som Deikun (Char and Sayla, before Char became known as the Red Comet) before the One-Year War in UC.0068."

"Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin I Blue-Eyed Casval" will premiere in Japanese theaters on Feb. 28.

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