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K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Roller Coaster Vocalist Cho Won Seon Shows Shades Of Garbage, Luscious Jackson On Virgo's 'Baekchimi' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | January 22, 2015 10:08 PM EST


K-Pop Beyond The Charts is an occasional review column highlighting Korea's modern day musical innovators who have yet to find mainstream success.

South Korean singer-songwriter Cho Won Seon (who spells her name Joewonsun on this project) is one of those artists that are almost infuriating for the lack of attention they get, particularly in the West.

From her work with the dance trio Roller Coaster to her guest appearances with Epik High, Cho consistently appears on some of the most innovative dance music to come out of South Korea, but is virtually unknown to anyone not from there.

If you don't believe me, try Googling her!

On "Virgo," the new single released on Thursday to little fanfare by the band of the same name, Joewonsun simply oozes charisma. The B-side, "Baekchimi," is even better; a clear candidate for the best song released so far in 2015, yet the YouTube video has yet to crack even 100 views.

Well my friends, let's see if we can't do something about that.

Kicking off with a dirty Fender Rhodes electric piano and some locked-in live drumming, Virgo make it clear they are not playing by the rules on "Baekchimi." No Auto-Tune, no drum machines, no dance routines, just the powerful burst of a great band with a singer who knows damn well that she's up for the task.

The alternative rock explosion of the 1990s is the most obvious influence here, with "Baekchimi" sonically referencing bands from the era as disparate as Garbage, Luscious Jackson and even the original masters of the shoegaze, My Bloody Valentine.

But with the raucous live band behind her reminiscent of Medeski Martin & Wood on an uptempo blues bender, there is definitely something more going on here than simple '90s nostalgia.

Cho and Virgo both exhibit the confident poise of performers with enough ability and taste to have nothing to prove.

Now, let's just hope someone hears it.

Listen to "Baekchimi" featuring Cho Won Seon by the Korean rock band Virgo RIGHT HERE

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