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Lovelyz Members Describe Their Ideal Valentine's Day Dates

By James B | February 14, 2015 11:47 AM EST


The members of new K-pop girl group Lovelyz talk about their dream Valentine's Day dates.

The ladies were featured in the February issue for CéCi magazine.

During the interview portion, the Lovelyz girls were asked what they would do with their boyfriends on Valentine's Day.

"When I have a boyfriend, I want to do something where we do it together," said Kei. "I don’t like chocolate, so I would want to make cakes or something with my boyfriend, have an enjoyable time like that."

Yein talked about chocolate cafes. "There are a lot of chocolate cafes where you can try a variety of different chocolates," she said.

"On Valentine’s Day, at least for that one day, I want to go to a chocolate cafe with my boyfriend and eat all I want without worrying about gaining weight."

Mijoo spoke about a scene she show in an entertainment program. "There was a scene in an entertainment program in which Gain sunbaenim gave Jo Kwon sunbaenim chocolate with her lips smeared with it," she said.

"I want to try it once but I just haven't had a chance yet."

Jiae talked about making chocolate for the first time. "I wanted to make chocolate for my boyfriend but I didn't know how to melt it so I just directly put it in," she said.

"Eventually, the chocolate was stuck to the pot. I didn't even start the chocolate making yet it had ended. In the end I ate the scraped chocolate."

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