Tablo Tears "Passed Away Father, I'm Not Ready to Face the Reality Yet"

Singer Tablo teared at the thought of his passed away father.

In SBS "Healing Camp" aired today, singer Tablo came out and talked about many unresolved issues.

On this day, Tablo said, "Many people even doubted my dad, so he was very heartbroken. He had been diagnosed with liver cancer in 2001, so that was when he was very unstable. He had completely fought the battle of liver cancer, but after the rumors about me had been spread in 2011, he fainted. He was sent to the emergency room, but things didn't seem good."

Tablo said, "The reason I remember that is the day of the court trial was when he fainted. According to the test results, he had to get a brain surgery because of something that was caused from stress. He was recovering, but in March of this year, he was put into shock. When I got to the hospital, the shock had already come so he wasn't conscious."

Tablo continued, "I fought through many different struggles the past few years. I could gain back what I lost with music, but I can't go back in time for my dad. I'm not ready to face that reality yet," tearing.

Photo Credit: SBS

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