Steven Moffat Confirms Multiple 'Doctor Who' Season 9 Two-Parters: Series Premiere 'The Magician's Apprentice' Set To Begin

As "Doctor Who" season 9 filming continues, Steven Moffat has confirmed that the series will feature multiple two-part episodes.

Recently, Moffat spoke to Radio Times regarding the recent "Doctor Who" season 9 filming.

"We're filming our first two-parter at the moment, which is in fact going to be episodes three and four of the new series," said Moffat. "A brilliant script by Toby Whithouse."

"Then we're about to move on to a couple of scripts I've written. We've got some other stuff lined up from other writers - some new, some old, some middle-aged. It's a little early to start teasing it too much, but I'm pretty excited. We've got some very, very good stuff coming."

It appears likely that the "Doctor Who" season 9 premiere, titled "The Magician's Apprentice," will likely be one of the upcoming episodes that will begin filming.

According to production designer Michael Pickwoad's online resume, Hettie MacDonald will be directing at least one episode of "Doctor Who" season 9. MacDonald lasted worked on the series in 2007 with "Blink," written by Steven Moffat.

"So far every single season 9 announcement has made me squeal with excitement," commented Scootersfood on Doctor Who TV.

According to Doctor Who TV, "Game of Thrones" actor Paul Kaye has been cast as a character named Prentis in one of the early episodes of the series.

"Is anyone else thinking Prentis sounds a bit like apprentice?" commented twoheartsonemind on Doctor Who TV. "He could have to do with 'The Magician's Apprentice.'"

"Everyone else," wrote ElyotWren. "Although I thought of Rose's granddad first."

However, given that filming began with episode three and four of season 9, it is unclear whether Paul Kaye will appear in the premiere episode.



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