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Tweet From B.A.P Member Daehyun Hints The Group May Self-Release New Song

By Staff Writer | February 04, 2015 12:51 PM EST


A picture shared on social media by a member of B.A.P is causing a lot of anticipation.

Daehyun, a member of B.A.P, shared a picture of what appears to be lyrics on his Twitter account. B.A.P’s members are currently in the middle of a legal battle over unfair treatment with their entertainment agency, TS Entertainment, and the news of a potential song release by B.A.P is unexpected.

The picture, posted on Feb. 2, shows the lyrics of a song beside a keyboard and computer in what appears to be a recording studio. Although no B.A.P members are pictured in the photograph, Daehyun posted the picture with the caption “soon,” leading to much anticipation.

In a following tweet, Daehyun called B.A.P’s fans, known as BABY, B.A.P’s girlfriend.

At the end of 2014, B.A.P filed a group lawsuit against TS Entertainment due to unfair treatment and payment. Several industry insiders issued statements about what had occurred at TS Entertainment, in regards to the company’s treatment of B.A.P’s six members.

Since then, B.A.P has kept fans updated about their actions, but Daehyun’s Tweet is the first hint of the group releasing music in 2015. No official information has been revealed about whether it is Daehyun's solo song or a group project.

TS Entertainment and B.A.P are still in the middle of a legal fight.

B.A.P debuted under TS Entertainment in 2012, with the song “Warrior.” The group released twelve albums of varying size since 2012, in both Korea and Japan. B.A.P also held three concert tours and starred in several variety shows about the group.

TS Entertainment recently debuted a new girl group, Sonamoo.

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