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SBS K-Pop Super Concert In California: Samplers and Bites of K-Pop's Best

By Staff Reporter | November 14, 2012 03:38 AM EST


Back to back with their busy schedules, all the top stars in Hallyu came to California to grace the stage at the Verizon Amphitheatre on November 10. Everyone was all smiles even with the freezing weather that night.

It was an almost all-day event featuring fan meets with the performing artists, 4Minute, SISTAR, CNBLUE, KARA, B2ST, and Girls Generation, starting in the early afternoon. The fans were eager to see their idols up close although the interaction was short.

The true highlight of the day was the concert itself. Running for about 3.5 hours, beginning shortly before 7 PM, all the top groups in Korean entertainment, including 2NE1, gave their best performances. During breaks in performances, they thank their American audience for the support of Korean music, making their appearances on the international stage possible. The concert had a total of 15,000 fans in attendance, with 1,000 of those being underprivileged kids from shelters. Each artist performed a set of 4 songs.

4Minute opened the stage dancing to 'Volume Up', 'Mirror Mirror', 'Heart 2 Heart' and 'Hot Issue'. During their introduction, they mentioned it being their second time on the same stage only a few weeks apart and how excited they are to be there again to perform for the audience. 4Minute showed their appeal -- being intensely sexy while remaining adorable and cute.

SISTAR was up on stage next with their very sultry performances of 'Alone', 'Ma Boy', 'So Cool' and 'Loving U'. Flaunting their voluptuous physiques and power vocals, SISTAR showed the audience that they are a girl group to watch out for, packing on the talent and charisma.

Then, the event moved to a change of vibe, as Youtube star Karmin went on to perform a heart-thumping band set, like warming up the crowd to an intense workout. The family band was a good break from the mold and an opportunity to differentiate between American and Korean music.

Throughout the event, Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE, Tiffany of Girls' Generation and Lee Kikwang of B2ST served as the show's hosts. They engaged in great spontaneous banter and did some English phrases to the delight of the audience.

After the Karmin set, CNBLUE went on to show what their brand of Korean rock sounds like. The four musicians went to play their title songs from their Korean releases since their debut -- ' I'm A Loner', 'Love', 'Intuition' and 'Hey You'. On top of the upper stage, the four men still passionately played, giving people a preview of a rockout performance that has been the signature of all their solo or full-length concerts.

Shortly after the instruments were put away, KARA stepped on stage in their red and white outfits and swayed to the beat of their popular tunes. The five girls of KARA had a sizzling starter with 'Hot', before continuing on to 'Step It Up'. They then said their hellos led by Nicole Jung before making a lasting impression ending their set with 'Lupin' and 'Mister'.

Much awaited by their fans, B2ST was next to perform to thundering uproar. The only other boy group in the artist set (the other being CNBLUE) danced their part away beginning with 'Shock' before shuffling to the catchy mid-tempo 'Fiction'. They then ended their set with two beautiful songs with 'Beautiful' and their most recent 'Beautiful Night'.

After which, the production team made the audience experience how it is like to see a recording of a music show in Korea as the MCs were made to redo the introduction and a duplicate of the MC bits. That was a unique experience for the audience as they are made to feel how the best shows are produced.

The last acts of the night were 2NE1 and Girls Generation. Rarely seen in music showcase events like this, 2NE1 was well anticipated by this audience in California after their sell-out US concerts in August. Donning new looks with Bom's shorter red hair and Minji's purple hair, 2NE1 set the stage with 'Fire'. Then followed this shortly with 'Can't Nobody'. CL led the group with their intros, albeit much more subdued than in their actual concert. CL then also led the audience to say "Nega Jeil Jalaga" to begin the next song 'I Am The Best', giving everyone the confidence boost to party the night away. 2NE1 ended their set with their most recent digital single 'I Love You'.

The night was coming to an end with Girls Generation doing a slow intro of 'Genie' emerging from the upper stage looking like princesses. They then turn the tempo up with 'Mr Taxi' and show how a group of nine girls can still have their own individual powers. After the two songs, they did their intros and thank yous, and proceeded to cap the night with 'Run Devil Run' and 'The Boys'.

All-in-all, bringing the best of K-Pop in one concert is an experience not to be surpassed for all concert goers. Each act may feel a little too short as time constraints and logistics restrict each artist to perform sets of only 4 songs, enough for the intros or encore sets of their own 2-hour long concerts. But for what it's worth, a superconcert, like SBS K-Pop Super Concert, gives everyone a taste of each artist, and helps introduce each artists' music to those who previously haven't heard them, earning them more fans or even at least more listeners. These small bites lead to a greater want from the general public that Korean entertainment management companies will soon have to fulfill, with solo concerts for each of these acts in months and years to come. These showcases give a reason behind Kpop's continued rise to great heights-- undying demand.

Writer: Dorothy A | Contributors and Photographers: Mark Francis Photography, Jocelin N, Wei W, Ricky L, Jasmine S | Special Thanks: Zion Live, SBS, The AU Review, CNBLUEStorm

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