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K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Chancey The Glow Recalls '90s Underground Hip-Hop On 'Come 15' Featuring Debi, Jay Moon, Nucksal [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | February 05, 2015 07:53 PM EST


K-Pop Beyond The Charts is a weekly review column highlighting Korea's modern day musical innovators who have yet to find mainstream success.

As anyone lucky enough to be a hip-hop fan in New York City in the 1990s knows, the time period was a golden age for hip-hop, particularly in the unsigned and underground realms.

Sometimes it seemed like each week brought forth a masterpiece previously thought unimaginable.

And even as rap icons from Mobb Deep to Wu-Tang Clan crossed into the mainstream to varying degrees of success, they brought with them a sound almost unrecognizable compared to much of what has become modern day hip-hop and still untouchable in terms of style and innovation.

In other words, there's a reason Abbi and Illana on "Broad City" are always asking the DJ to play '90s hip-hop.

That's why it is exiting to see South Korean rapper Chancey The Glow channeling that amazing era of rap innovation on the new single "Come 15" featuring guest appearances from rappers featuring Debi, Jay Moon and Nucksal.

The whole crew really delivers here.

There is not a minute of "Come 15," which was released on Thursday, that isn't top-notch rapping from a set of performers that embody a strikingly diverse array of styles and influences.

One big thing that sets 1990s hip-hop apart from rap in the Pro Tools era is that instead of layer upon layer of keyboard and double or triple tracked vocals, producer Konquest keeps it simple and keeps the beat hot.

Great rappers like Chancey The Glow and company don't need tricked out multi-million dollar production to be at their best.

All they need is a great beat.

Listen to the new Chancey The Glow single "Come 15" featuring Debi, Jay Moon and Nucksal RIGHT HERE

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