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Female Solo Artists Taking Over, 'The Golden Age'

By Staff Writer | November 15, 2012 08:34 AM EST


It has become the 'golden age' of female solo artists.

'Monster rookies' such as Lee Hi, Ailee and 4minute HyunA have been gaining much attention due to their amazing vocals, perfect stage performance and all around talent.

While idol groups have been taking a break, female solo artists have been ranking high on the charts. 

In October, Brown Eyed Girls Gain came out with her new song, "Bloom," which made it to the most sold album for the month of October and began the 'golden age' of solo female artists.

On October 29, Lee Hi debuted and is not currently at number 1 for 18 days with her debut title song, "1,2,3,4." 

Currently, on today's Melon real-time charts, Lee Hi, Ailee, Byul and others are in the Top 10.

Candidates for the 'rookie award' are also solo artists. While male candidates are all idol groups, the female candidates are all solo artists such as Juniel, Ailee and others.

On the other hand, male solo artists have not become quite popular. After top stars Rain and Se7en, there does not seem to be another male solo artist that has become successful.

Officials are saying that solo female artists have just come out at the right time. In the midst of all the idol groups, the charisma of a female solo artist have begun to gain attention. Unlike male solo artists, female artists can show cute, sexy and charisma all together.

Because most males perform in groups, it is harder for them to be able to take up all the space on stage by themselves. However, female solo artists can easily take over the stage with their unique performances and dances, different from girl group stages.

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