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Best Places To Stream K-Pop Radio

By Rachelle D. | February 07, 2015 07:31 PM EST


Radio has come a long way, and now it's easier than ever for K-pop fans worldwide to tune into live streams of radio that feature non-stop music, commentary, and interviews from their favorite performers.

Everyone has their favorite K-pop playlists and go-to albums. But in case you're feeling a little sick of your personal music collection or want to discover some new tunes, here's a list of some of the best places to live stream K-pop radio:

This is a great, straightforward live stream of mostly Korean dance and pop hits -- probably the closest you'll get to a 'Top 40' K-pop station. You can also make a request and tune in hoping to hear your pick.


This hour-long show airs on Mondays from Australia. The host showcases a great variety of K-pop, including rap, indie, new music, and recently launched remixes. It's a great way to get mostly music with a hint of background information about the artist and song. The shows are unofficially uploaded on a Mixcloud playlist, so it's easy to access later if you're unable to tune in during real time.

SBS PopAsia

This is less of a station and more of an entire radio platform for English-language K-pop fans. In addition to the live stream of K-pop, SBS PopAsia features contests where winners can snag prizes like tickets to premieres or a Nintendo DS, as well as links to audio and video radio shows. One of the most popular ones is from C-CLOWN's Rome. The affable entertainer has a frequent English-language radio show (you can listen to it and watch the video on SBS's platform) where he treats listeners to new music, interviews with high-profile guests like f(x)'s Amber, and holiday-themed shows like a Christmas special.

Big B Radio K-pop Station

Big B radio is nothing fancy to look at, but the platform offers a consistent live stream with K-pop hits. It also offers information on connecting with some of the station's DJs to learn more about their K-pop fandom. Big B Radio also features streams of other Asian pop music, so it would be interesting for fans looking to learn more what's happening in the pop music scene beyond Korea.

KORL 107.5

This Hawaiian radio station is an actual station, so you're going to get a few commercials, but it also features some good info on artists and uplifting messages from DJ Sophia, who encourages listeners to "stay positive!" or "have a great day!" during breaks from the music.

I Heart Radio - K-Pop Daebak

I Heart Radio is a platform similar to Pandora or Spotify that allows users to personalize radio stations from a variety of genres, songs, and artists. Of those services, I Heart Radio has the largest collection of K-pop. It does require you to sign up to use, but it just asks for an e-mail address and is completely free.

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